Alvin Toffler comments in The Third Wave that people (children) are three times more likely to learn and retain knowledge if they do so through playing games. The sciences can be fantastic fun and many children take naturally to these subjects when well taught. Elemensus provides an opportunity to approach ideas in chemistry, physics, astronomy, and language in a playful, fun way. It provides access to the Periodic Table and turns scientific discovery in Chemical Science into personal discovery of the Elements, their names, how they are labelled and how they might fit together.

Elemensus allows anyone to celebrate language in all its forms, and to playfully relive that we’re all made of Stars*. Every single element in our bodies has been created from the original BigBang and synthesised in the element factories we call stars and on Earth. Our nearest star is the S-U-N. By playing with the elements, making words and connections we can all explore the consistuent parts of the Universe for life-long learning.

* The original Carl Sagan quote is usually “we’re all made of starstuff”.