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Elemensus™ - all the Elements of a great board game. Why not play it periodically?

No special skills required. Designed for anyone who loves the interplay of Words & Chemistry from the classic Periodic Table.

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How to Play

Elemensus™ is the perfect game for anyone who wants to play with words and chemistry. You don’t need any extra skills and it’s ideal for anyone over 7. Younger people find it easier than older people and can learn the Periodic Table Elements by osmosis

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Elemensus blog

We’re blogging about Elemensus, who plays it, how long it took to make (13.7 billion years…), and just about anything of interest to word chemistry fans. Check our latest posts for hot news, fab photos and all things pal-chemical.

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An A to Z of words made of elements. We’re all made of starstuff & there are fascinating words & facts from the Elemensus Th-Es-Au-Ru-S. The We’re All Made of Stars Th-Es-Au-Ru-S will be available soon as a lovely hardback book.

Words, words and more words...

Latest from the Elemensus™ Blog

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Elemensus™ for Sale

  • November 8, 2012

Elemensus is available to buy now from design company Visible Object What better gift to buy

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Crossword-like Elements

  • November 8, 2012

One of our favourite words to describe how much Elemensus is during play is: Tungsten-Oxygen-Tungsten

What People have said…

This is a fabulously intriguing, informative game that my children simply love.
Craig Roberts, Head Teacher, Yorkshire, UK
Elemensus has to be the best board-game ever for wordy science geeks everywhere. Think of it as the periodic table meets that "triple-word score" game we all know and love.
David Bradley, Author of Deceived Wisdom
Sounds like a game that'd be perfect for a teaching aid!
Samantha Cooper
My boss loves the game, all the other buyers love the game. This is a game that rocks!
Chris Mindel, ThinkGeek, USA